Welcome to my lab and project site!

Here I document my hobbies from ham radio, to machining, to motorcycles, to Tesla coils.

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Recent Changes

Date Link Location
Mar, 31 2021 UD3 hv/tesla/ud3/
Dec, 22 2020 Model SG81 hv/tesla/sg81/
Dec, 22 2020 Model SG41 hv/tesla/sg41/
Dec, 22 2020 Model DR82 hv/tesla/dr82/
Dec, 22 2020 Model DR81 hv/tesla/dr81/

Recent News

  • 82D taking shape

    I just updated the Model 82D and 10x47 ring toroid pages with new photos and information. The 82D coil is coming along, with the secondary and toroid now complete. Final design work is nearly complete on the new water-cooled primary and base. I’ve chosen to implement a remote DC power supply with precharge, discharge, EMI filtering, voltage doubling, and voltage and current monitoring. This will have the advantage of allowing me to use much smaller wiring between the operator and the coil.

  • First Post

    This is the very first post in the news section to work out the news list/single functionality, and get the Recent News shortcode working.