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In early 2018, I was bit by the DRSSTC bug when it became apparent just how much heavy iron I had accumulated in my quest to bring my 15kVA Pole Pig powered SGTC online.

I already had a large heatsink salvaged from a 7kVA UPS system. I figured I could reconfigure my existing CDE 942C MMC to get one good for 10kVDC @208A RMS. I simply needed a driver, bus caps, interrupter, IGBTs, and a few other odds and ends to construct the bridge.

This coil is based around a full bridge of CM300HA-24H modules, a 2x2 bus capacitor / doubler arrangement for 6000uF @900VDC, Gao Guangyan’s UD 2.7 driver, and the same 8” secondary and 38” primary from the 8” SGTC”.




The driver is Loneocean’s UD 2.7C, with the HFBR series ST fiber module installed.